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Mattress MegaStores are proud to be the highest 5-Star rated Mattress Retailer in the Greater Portland Area.  This is due to many contributing factors.  

Our NON-COMMISION sales team of "Beducators" are NOT motivated by selling customers the wrong bed at a bad price.   Most of our team of Beducators have been helping people in Oregon find a better night's rest for decades.  We spend copious time researching our products to ensure we are carrying the best possible products at prices within reach of any Oregonian, and so we are fully informed about the benefits and drawbacks of every product we offer. 

Considering we all spend 1/3 of our life in our beds, we truly believe that if we can improve that 1/3 for our customers, then the other 2/3's will improve as well.  If we can help, just stop on into any of our three Portland Area locations. 

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