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Mattress MegaStores is one of the leading Beutyrest retailers in the Portland Area! 


Beautyrest features our latest innovations in support, comfort, and cooling that work together in harmony for a better night’s sleep.


Its new and innovative coil design and support system, advanced pressure-relieving foams, uniquely engineered cooling technologies and exclusive sustainable fabric technology makes this collection the ultimate choice in premium bedding.


Featuring our RightTemp™ Wave Foam, our Harmony Lux™ Carbon Series sleeps cool and comfortable all night.

Beutyrest's hybrid bed is designed to help you find your optimal sleeping position, so you can relax and recharge while you get your best sleep.


Relieve pressure points such as hips and shoulders with the advanced Beautyrest Gel Memory foam, which conforms to your body for all-night comfort.


Memory foam doesn’t have the best reputation for cool sleeping, but our InfiniCool™ Plus system provides a cool-to-the-touch sleep surface. 


Payment Solutions!

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